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Other Publications 

  1. Boll Foundation report – Bearing Witness, the Impact of Conflict on Women in Nagaland and Assam
  2. Directory of Philanthropy in North East India
    Published: December 2000, Funded by Ford Foundation, New Delhi.
  3. India’s North East and Bangladesh: Problems and Opportunities
    Public lectures & discussions, February 2001, Guwahati and Shillong. Funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, New Delhi.
  4. The impact of armed conflict on Women in the North East (Case Studies from Nagaland and Tripura)
    Published by: National Commission for Women, New Delhi, 2004.
  5. Sub-Regional Relations in the Eastern South Asia: with Special Focus on India’s North Eastern Region
    Published by: Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo, Japan, 2005.
  6. India’s North East and Bangladesh; Problems and Opportunities: Public lecture and Discussions
    Published by Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research (2005).
  7. North East File: A regular bi-monthly North East News Roundup “North East File” is available on a range of issues from media across the region. Rs. 3,000/ for annual subscription.
    Compiled by Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research.
  8. Shared Integration: Promoting a Greater Asia
    Published by Information and Resource Centre, Singapore 2006.

All publications except no. 3 above are available in original at C-NES office in Delhi/Guwahati.

Publication no. 3 is available in photocopy format from C-NES or the original from National Commission for Women, New Delhi.


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  • Photos from the field:

    image002.jpg Sanjoy Hazarika with old friend and Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University, Prof. Sherman Teichman. Prof. Teichman's students have interned with C-NES in Assam, on the boat clinic projects. District Dr C R Hira,Consultant,  NRHM interacting with the young Medical Officers serving in C-NES' Boat Clinic heath teams.