Media Partnership Program

To mark the International Year of Sanitation (IYS) and as a run up to SACOSAN III the Water and Sanitation Program – South Asia (WSP-SA) is pleased to announce the “Media Partnership Program” for regional media professionals (in print, electronic, audio and audiovisual media) who have been writing/producing/documenting water, sanitation, hygiene and health related stories in their countries.

Applications are invited from media professionals (in print, electronic, audio and audiovisual media) that have been covering water, sanitation, hygiene and health as mainstream issues. Approximately thirty media professionals shall be selected to participate in SACOSAN III which will be held in New Delhi. The winners shall participate in the six-day SACOSAN event (from 16th to 21st November 2008) being organized by the Government of India (Department of Rural Development) at New Delhi. The selected professionals will also be invited to visit field-based innovative initiatives that have resulted in adequate provision of water and sanitation services, improved hygiene behavior and have had a positive impact on the health of the target populations.


Eligibility: Professionals with at least three years experience in print, electronic, audio and audiovisual media with general circulation are eligible to apply for the program.

The program is open to media professionals from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and is likely to be extended to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, contingent to availability of funding. Preference shall be given to entries received from women media professionals.

The following products are eligible:
• Newspaper entries (op-eds., features, news)
• Magazine entries
• Television programs (news, talk shows, documentaries)
• Radio programs (news, talk shows, documentaries)
• News portal entries (news, documentaries)

Visit these links to access the entry form and more information on the program:

Candidates may submit several entries that have been published/broadcast between 1 August 2007 and 31st July 2008. The deadline for submission is 30th August, 2008, 1700 hrs, IST. The entries should be submitted by email at

The entries must state in the subject line “Media Partnership Program Entry” along with the name of the country (e.g. India)

In case there is a problem in sending entries by email, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Please see country specific addresses below.

• For print entry, include one original or electronic copy of the article(s)—(i.e., masthead with tear-sheets or original clips)
• For electronic entry, a print-out/ print-screen version of article(s) must be included
• For audio and audiovisual entry, include an electronic version (word or pdf) of the script/ transliterated version, and a CD containing the entry OR an electronic file below 5 MB for e-mail delivery.

Themes: The subject of entries should be on:

• Best practices in water, sanitation, hygiene and health
• Sanitation for Dignity and Health
• Health impacts of water and sanitation
• Sharing experiences of local initiatives in water, sanitation and hygiene practices

Language: Entries will be judged in English. Please provide translated version of print entries or script/ transliterated English version for audio/ audiovisual entries.

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