Book discussion held: Data and Identity in the NE

A new book Numbers in India’s periphery by Ankush Agrawal and Vikas Kumar on issues of the North-eastern region Is creating a buzz by studying major challenges from a fresh perspectives: reviewing data and drawing narratives out of it. To discuss the book and the concerns it flags, C-NES organized a panel discussion with GK Pillai, former Union Home Secretary, Bano Haralu, editor and celebrated conservationist, and Dr. Veio Pou, who teaches at Delhi University, along the authors. They were conversation with Sanjoy Hazarika.

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  • Photos from the field:

    in wait for the essay competition to begin.jpg The Manging Trustee C-NES, Sanjoy Hazarika at the Dibrugarh C-NES office during an interaction with the PFI and Boat Clinc team members. Filming  at Bhankhawra char ,Morigaon The Mission Director, NRMH, Dr JB Ekka(centre) inaugurating a handbook on Family planning for Ashas, AWW, change agents and FP counsellors,  published by C-NES, funded by PFI   on the occasion. Standing to his left is Dr A Sarma  and to his right is  Dr C R Hira, Consultants,  NRHM.