Pulse Polio Program at Sarikholia sapori

During a recent Pulse Polio Immunization campaign, special camps were organized by the Dibrugarh Boat Clinic (10 – 13 January 2010).The Deputy Commissioner of the District, Mr. GD Tripathy visited Sarikholia sapori and launched the program. He was accompanied by Dr. P C Hazarika, Joint Director of Health Services, Dr. Bhobojyoti Borah, Surveillance Medical Officer, World Health Organization and the Boat Clinic health team. A public meeting was held at the sapori where the Deputy Commissioner met PRI members, teachers, ASHAs, AWWs and the villagers who got a rare opportunity to share their problems with the Deputy Commissioner.

The health team started journey from Maijan ghat at 7 am, picking up the dignitaries from Nagaghuli ghat . The team reached Sarikholia sapori at 12:15 pm. A large crowd was waiting to welcome the Deputy Commissioner. The villagers felicitated the health team. According to Dindayal Yadav, the headman of the isolated river island, “I cannot believe that the DC, the head of the district is in our midst” The Deputy Commissioner on his part, assured the villagers of all support and said that he had come “not to speak but to listen”.

Expressing gratitude to the Boat Clinic team and the health service provided, the villagers said that this was the only service they got in their remote homes. The Deputy Commissioner was surprised to see the non existence of governance in the islands: there were very few ration cards, not to talk of safe drinking water, veterinary, agricultural services and schooling facilities beyond the Lower Primary level. He lauded the activities of the Boat Clinic and expressed keenness to upscale the Boat Clinic health service in the district. Bicycles were distributed to the ASHAs of the islands.

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