Community conserved areas in Nagaland

Stories from four community conserved areas in Nagaland :

The Mithun forest of Thetsumi (Jan 27/ 2014)

The sambar and red hot chilli peppers (Dec 24 / 2013)

The battlelines of Khonoma (Nov 24/2013)

The flight of the Amur Falcon (Oct 29/2013)

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  • Photos from the field:

    in wait for the essay competition to begin.jpg The Manging Trustee C-NES, Sanjoy Hazarika at the Dibrugarh C-NES office during an interaction with the PFI and Boat Clinc team members. Filming  at Bhankhawra char ,Morigaon The Mission Director, NRMH, Dr JB Ekka(centre) inaugurating a handbook on Family planning for Ashas, AWW, change agents and FP counsellors,  published by C-NES, funded by PFI   on the occasion. Standing to his left is Dr A Sarma  and to his right is  Dr C R Hira, Consultants,  NRHM.