The State Strikes Back: India and the Naga Insurgency

the-state-strikes-back-india-and-the-naga-insurgencSanjoy Hazarika’s latest book has just been published by East West Centre, Washington DC, USA. His co-author is the independent Naga writer Charles Chasie. This is part of the East West Centre’s Policy Studies series which has included studies on Burma, Southern Thailand, and Aceh and two others in the north east of India. Hazarika and Chaise have studied the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act and its impact as well as how to change conditions in the area.  This is Hazarika’s 7th book.

This is Hazarika’s 2nd book in the past few months. The earlier book was published in 2008 by Penguine Books is “Writing on the Wall: Reflections on the North-east“.

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