Speed boat to C-NES

A Switzerland based company, RIB (rigid inflatable boats) Expeditions and Adventures, has extended a helping hand towards emergency medical care in the char saporis of Assam. The company has donated an inflatable speed boat that will operate in Tinsukia district and will support the Tinsukia Boat Clinic run by C-NES in partnership with NRHM. The speedboat will enable patients from the char/saporis to be carried swiftly to boat clinics or hospitals in emergencies. The inflatable dinghy with a fiberglass bottom could carry half a dozen people and move at the speed of 30km to 40km per hour.
A workshop was recently conducted at Guijan ghat, near Tinsukia town to train C-NES Boat crew in the operation and maintenance of speed boat. Andy Leeman, the Chief Executive officer of the company, present at the training said that he was impressed by one of the boat clinics run by C NES when he was on an expedition on the Brahmaputra last year .Leeman and his team plan to be back in Assam by end of this year with advanced training. “If the project goes well we will come back with the next boat and hopefully can fulfill C-NES’ dream of having a fleet of fast moving emergency boats” he added.
A nine member boat crew team from Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Dhemaji and Jorhat attended the training. They were-

1. Md Abdul Rafique, Skipper, Tinsukia
2. Murari Yadav, Driver, Tinsukia
3. Durga Prasad, Helper, Tinsukia
4. Kunwar Chandra Pegu, Community Worker, Tinsukia
5. Bholanath Pegu, Community Worker, Tinsukia
6. Binod Razak, Community Worker, Tinsukia
7. Shyam Yadav, Driver,Dibrugarh
8. Pordeep Das, Skipper, Dhemaji
9. Sasi Pamegam, Skipper, Jorhat

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  • Photos from the field:

    The Manging Trustee C-NES, Sanjoy Hazarika at the Dibrugarh C-NES office during an interaction with the PFI and Boat Clinc team members. The former Jorhat Deputy Commissioner L S Changsang ( in a saree) with   Sanjoy Hazarika and C-NES staff (from left) Ashok Rao, Mirza Zulfikar, DPO Jorhat Boat Clinic. Probin Chamuah and Sanjay Sarma. A health camp at Barpeta's Muwamari char- women undergoing health and ante natal check up. Awareness-on-Breastfeeding-by-Bhupen-Taid-at-Mesaki