New C-NES Trustee

H.S Das, Former Principal Finance Commissioner, and State Chief Information Commissioner, Assam joins C-NES’ eminent Board of Trustees, Mr Das replaces Trustee Dr Jayanta Madhab, noted economist and scholar who passed away a month ago.

GK Pillai,former Union Home Secretary is Chairman of the Trust, Sanjoy Hazarika, is the founder and Managing Trustee. The others are Niketu Iralu, Peace Activist, Nagaland.Patricia Mukhim, Editor, The Shillong Times, Meghalaya;Dr.  Mahfuza Rahman, Retd. Professor, Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam and Ms. Preeti Gill, Literary Agent and Former Consulting Editor, Zubaan, New Delhi

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  • Photos from the field:

    the new health team.jpg Awareness 1629874266865 Binod Razak, Community worker, Tinsukia offering prayers before the speed boat launch as Leeman, Sanjay Sharma, Associate Programme Manager and Sasi Pamegam, Boat crew member, Jorhat looks on