Sanjoy Hazarika presented ‘Global Citizenship’ award

Washington, Feb 21: Tufts University, one of the leading US universities, has awarded this year’s Dr Jean Mayer Award for Global Citizenship to Indian journalist Sanjoy Hazarika for his advocacy of issues in India’s northeast to a national and international audience. The award, presented every year to scholars and practitioners who have made significant contributions to improving the lives of people in their areas of work and impacting both research and policy, also recognises Hazarika’s innovative work and initiatives in health and governance in the area, according to a varsity release. Previous recipients of the award have included Nobel laureates economist Amartya Sen and South African freedom fighter Rev.Desmond Tutu. Hazarika, who received the award Friday, to a standing ovation from a packed audience at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy attending the annual Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC) Colloquium, said in acceptance remarks that he appreciated the recognition that the award represented for the work of his team, research staff and the support of his family. “Without their cooperation and commitment, our work in the fields of health, environment, building bridges of understanding, research, policy change and governance would not have been possible,” he said. IANS

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