CNES hosts Myanmar government officials

C-NES hosted a 34 member team of the State Constitution Drafting Body Myanmar on a study tour to North East India. The event on “Building Partnerships,Learning from each other; North East India and Myanmar.Hectic sessions was held on 9th and 10th of December 2018- learning and sharing before they proceeded to Manipur. Mizoram was the first destination.

Former Union Home Secretary, Gopal K Pillai, C-NES Trustee, with long and rich experience of this region, seen speaking from a Policy Maker’s Perspective : connecting national policies to field reality and ethnic representation. Also seen is Managing Trustee C-NES, Sanjoy Hazarika. Patricia Mukhim, Editor, Shillong Times and C-NES Trustee spoke on the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution for Tribal Areas: Challenges of Practice.

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