Sanjoy Hazarika presents Boat Clinics at international conference

Sanjoy Hazarika, Managing Trustee of C-NES, presented  the work of the Boat Clinics in Assam at an international conference in Delhi on Sunday, Nov 20, 2011. He spoke on ‘Waters of Hope: Health Innovations and Interventions on the Brahmaputra’ at the conference, the final presentation of the final session ‘The Way Forward’ at the Conference: ‘River Waters: Perspectives and Challenges for Asia’ organized by the India International Centre and the Foundation for Non-Violent Alternatives. Experts from China, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and different parts and institutions of India were presenting, including specialists from IIT Guwahati, Guwahati University. Other speakers are from the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, France and Finland.

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  • Photos from the field:

    image004.jpg image006.jpg The Centre for Security Analysis, Chennai and C-NES workshop on 26th/27th July 2010 in New Delhi on the Internal and External Impacts of Conflict in the NE. Home Secretary GK PIllai, IAS, who spoke on range of issues seen here at the workshop The river goes dry with little or no rainfall .